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I’m known as someone who “gets things done”, I always have been. I don’t claim to be a back end developer or someone who codes from scratch, but I know my way around CMS’s like WordPress, and I know how to come up with effective solutions that last.¬† Quite often I’m faced with problems and challenges where someone developed a WordPress website for a business and longevity was not top of mind. Quite often websites are built without a long term vision, and just as often I end up having to solve a problem related to that short-sightedness¬† I’ll share some of those solutions here.

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Adding a webcam to wordpress page

Adding a webcam to wordpress page

My challenge for the day was working on a 2 or 3-year-old Wordpress website that had an embed of an outdoor webcam on its homepage. The webcam was critical to the community it belonged to as many people visit the website to check the weather, and randomly see loved...