First off, I need to clearly point out that I am not an “Angel Investor”. I don’t have a ton of expendable capital as a single father and I don’t particularly enjoy risking my money unless it’s on a venture or project that I am directly involved in (ie, building). However, when I came upon the opportunity to invest a little money in a platform called Paragon One, I couldn’t help but be intrigued and contribute.

Early on in my career, primarily while working on small business website development via my company Dieno Digital Marketing Services, and while working for a large retail corporation at their corporate office managing an IT security group, and then going on to work on their Digital Marketing efforts, I realized that education is probably the most important part of any entrepreneurs journey. I unfortunately wasn’t financially able to go straight from High School to College or University, but I did start taking courses online, on campus and any other way I could at a young age. I’ve steadily taken programs and courses every year for the past 10 years. Along with bringing tons of value to my toolbox, it’s also assisted me becoming an educator myself with Dieno Digital Marketing Academy and Enough Of the Fluff Marketing workshops (that I host here in Vancouver). I’ve learned the value of networking and learning along the way.

After my long career with the Grocery Retailer, I moved on to managing the web and digital marketing team at a local university for a couple of years. Here I saw the actual hands on value that eager and forward thinking students were getting from putting just as much in to their education as they would get out of it. It was a great experience networking and working alongside Faculty and University Administration to enhance student’s experiences and ensure they were getting the most of their education possible. I took the opportunity to mentor a couple of co-op students and regularly spoke to Marketing classes about the work I was doing in the field.

All of that being said, when I came across the opportunity to give a little money to Paragon One, I couldn’t resist. Education is so important, but often so expensive. Where students go after they receive their degrees is often a grey area. Some are able to network their way into a great job, others pound the pavement and interview until they are hired, but a lot find themselves unsure of what to do next. Paragon One is assisting those who find themselves in that situation. It’s an international coaching program for students to learn how to beef up their resumes, and also get that dream job after college or university.

I am a firm supporter of what they are doing… It’s definitely something you should check out if you have some time.