Tim Hortons finally launched a loyalty program in the form of “Tims Rewards”!

As most who know me know, I am addicted to tea. I love black tea of any kind and have more than I know what to do with at home. But I love Tim Hortons Steeped Tea. It is by far my favourite and is my go to every morning before I start my day. So of course, I was stoked to see that they finally launched a loyalty program with rewards.

Tim’s current “Awards” are that your 8th purchase (for a beverage) is on the house, which if you think about it, offers some incredible value. Especially since most Tim Hortons customers are regulars and a Tim Hortons drive-through is on many peoples morning routines.

I’m not the only one who has been patiently waiting for Tim’s to launch this type of program though. Google’s search data shows that there has been a steady amount of search traffic looking for keywords such as “Tim Hortons Points Card” (and related):

tim hortons rewards

What are the benefits of a rewards program such as this? Coming from a strong loyalty data-driven background, I can tell you that it provides customers with a ton of value. Not only in the tangible value, like a free coffee or tea, but also in terms of the content you receive from the Tim Hortons brand. They will now be able to tailor offers and messaging directly to you that is relevant. For example, I hate coffee. They will be able to look at my purchase history and see that I never buy coffee, but always buy tea. That means when they launch a new tea, or something relating to tea they can communicate that to me rather than me seeing “commercial” like advertising that is not relevant.

Tim’s isn’t forcing you to sign up with your e-mail address, which I find interesting. They are allowing you to anonymously use a Rewards Card and get your free 8th drink. But there is a “sign up bonus” if you do register your card online and add your e-mail address.

Assuming you’ve done that.

Tim Hortons now knows:

  1. Your e-mail address.
  2. The locations you shop at
  3. Geographic information on where you live
  4. Your food and beverage habits
  5. Your budget for coffee\tea\breakfast
  6. Data on the time of year you purchase more or less, and everything in between.


When it comes to marketing and data-driven campaign tactics, this is a marketers dream. I’m just happy I get free tea every week!