Whether it was due to being lead by a frustrating manager, or leading a team myself one of the things I quickly learned in my career was that one of the best attributes of a good leader or manager is that they quickly identified skills that their team has that they don’t.

As a manager myself in any capacity, I have always made an attempt to quickly identify the skills that my team has that I don’t. Whether it was a developer, a photographer, or a public speaker (presenter) I managed to hone in on understanding what team members are passionate about, and what they are truly good at.

I often refer to building a successful team, and a successful company even, to the like of building a winning football team. You want All-Stars in every position, and you want to embrace the skills that each player can bring to the table. You need to make plans to further develop the skills that need developing and are essential┬áto the team’s success, but you can’t dwell on what they don’t have before embracing what they do.

Sometimes pride gets in the way of managers when it comes to embracing their staff and the skills that they have. Pride and ego are probably the two things that make most managers tough to work for. If you feel like part of you is preventing your team from excelling at you know they are good at because of a personal issue with someone outshining you, you need to start looking inwards.

Trust that some of the best leaders in the world, corporate world aside, have been people who have utilized the people they have available to their full ability.

A franchise quarterback is only as great as the receivers catching the ball and ensuring it gets to the end zone.