If you are running digital ads for a large platform

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Simple audience segmenting can have a ton of impact.

If you are running online advertising and the objective is a digital “conversion” that can be recorded by a user signing up for your platform and your website or platform has a “sign in” functionality you can easily remove those people from your targeting.

Too often I am retargeted for platforms that I have already purchased myself, or that I am using for the organization I work for!

For example, in our company we use Monday.com for project management. It’s a great tool, in fact its one of my favourite project management tools (in the cloud) that I’ve used! However, I am constantly seeing advertisements for Monday.com on youtube, google’s display network AND Facebook on the SAME COMPUTER I login to the platform with!

You would think that their “cold” advertising or “retargeting” would be better spent elsewhere as I have already purchased and actively use the tool.

Whether you have a large e-commerce store, or your ads have an objective of getting people to sign up for a newsletter, one critical piece of advice I can give you as a digital advertiser is that you segment out your current users who have already paid for your platform or committed your desired action and EXCLUDE THEM from your campaign!


When you purchase an account on Monday.com your organization is given it’s own sub domain to login to.  In my opinion, if someone has used your platform you are better off to utilize their data to create a look-a-like audience and target other people with similar characteristics who currently DO NOT USE your platform opposed to retargeting those that do.

There are a couple of ways you could do this.

You could create a segmented audience of anyone who has visited a page *.monday.com/ (meaning a sub domain) or you could drop audience pixel on ONLY paid membership pages and segment that audience.

Either way, you can eliminate these people from your paid spend, and spend that money elsewhere, ideally on people who have never heard of you, or who have signed up for a trial and not converted to a sale.



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