The fact that I am writing this on my “Thoughts on Leadership” blog says a lot about how valuable I find this discussion.

In a world where guys like Tai Lopez have organically built huge audiences and then monetized them with selfishly and cash driven sales funnels (I am not a fan of Tai Lopez and his model, I truly believe he is a gimmick) my recent realization of Gary Vee’s actual depth has been a breath of fresh air.

I listen to quite a few podcasts and listen to various motivational type business people for inspiration so it was impossible not to see Gary Vee’s content, but it just came across too eccentric to me. Too much like “Marketing Fluff” and not enough tactical expertise.

My opinion completely changed.

I have been an entrepreneur “at heart” my entire life. All of my friends know that no matter what I was doing in life (Music, Website Development, Computer Systems work, My career, etc..) I have always been an “idea generator and executor”. I have literally come up with 100’s of ideas throughout my life and executed on most of them. Tried, learning and figured out how to do what the objective was.

I was having dinner with my good friends Shaun and Leanne over at (who are both entrepreneurs here in Vancouver, and doing amazing things with their company) and the subject of Gary Vaynerchuk came up. I explained what I thought and they disagreed with me. They simply said “so much of what he says reminds us of you brother”.

That triggered my interest. So I started listening, reading, researching….And they were right, he was tactical, and knew his shit. He was far more successful than me financially, but a lot of his ideas and thought process seemed to be in sync with mine and how I’ve lived my life.

Then, I found this.

Many moons ago Gary Vee was a part of his family’s wine business and he took to the “internet” to differentiate their brand. He created “Wine Library TV”. One of probably the first “Organic” branding content strategies that worked.

I’m sold. He not only has the success to back up his “on air” personality, but also the tactical experience in coming up with an idea and executing it.

If you haven’t checked him out (because you live under a rock), definitely do yourself a favour and google this guy.