Marketing tactics have drastically changed over the years. In the early days, and I’m talking early, like Cave Man days, selling was all about a one to one connection. Years upon Years later a lot of the same tactics were used. Knocking on doors, creating relationships that way often brought in high percentages of revenue. Then large scale broadcasting came into play, magazine ads, tv commercials and radio took marketing and advertising by storm. It was all about highly expensive, broad messaging to attempt to attract the most amount of customers possible. The Internet was the next step and started off with broad messaging. You could utilize web ads and websites to reach the most amount of people cost effectively. In the marketing agency we actually started messaging the success of campaigns based on how many people saw it. Yes, you read that correctly. Impressions became a pretty standard KPI as opposed to actual sales. And now here we are in 2018. Digital Marketing is all about 1:1. How personal can you make your marketing and advertising efforts online so that your potential consumer doesn’t feel like a robot is trying to sell them something.

Be weary as you head into automating your digital strategies. The key to success is collecting as much data about your customer as possible prior to communicating with them so that you can assure your messaging is authentic and personal.

If you make your messaging too broad in a personal sales email, it is obvious and it is a turn off.

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