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Living in villages in India and Nepal


I recently had the opportunity to travel to Jamaica, Hong Kong, Nepal and India for a bit of vacation, business and charity work! As I’ve mentioned on my podcast (The We Are Better Men Podcast) I had an amazing experience and I will be sharing insights over the next few months about things I learned. In this post I specifically want to talk about the charity aspect of the trips and living in remote villages in both Nepal and India.

We flew into Bengalore, India and then were shuttled 3 hours out to remote villages where we stayed and interacted with the community. After India we headed over to Nepal, where after visiting Kathmandu, similaraly, we were shuttled through the mountains to remote villages where we lived and stayed with host families in their homes. These villages very rarely saw tourists or travelers so anytime we ended up in a village it was known quite quickly and we made a lot of friends.  I learned a lot while on the trip, both from a personal development stand point and from the perspective of understanding just how differently some of the world lives. While our stay was short (5 days per village), we still quickly had to adapt to life there and realize that the first-world things we were accustomed to just weren’t reality for them, and they weren’t complaining about it.  In both India and Nepal there were wild dogs everywhere, some nice and some vicious, living amongst the people.  I played hotwheels with kids in Indian villages just as I would with my 7 year old son here in Canada. We played soccer and volleyball in the cool Nepal evenings on the side of steep mountains with village children and they laughed just as our kids would laugh and play here. The adults graciously let us into their homes, fed us and accepted our presence. They couldn’t communicate with us verbally, but hand and head gestures made it apparent that we were welcome.

Here’s some photos from the trip:


nepal village child nepal village nepal village woman in india andrew westlund leland dieno street dog nepal street dog india

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