I’m not big on New year’s resolutions, I’m more about consistent focused growth both internally and externally, including mental and physical.

However I have done some thinking around what I think we just shipped means in 2019 in both an economical sense, social science and a corporate sense.

Leaders in 2019 need to be socially responsible but still understand that there’s fiscal responsibilities for the corporation organization that they work for. Economic changes are coming, we’ve had our Grace. And now it’s time to really hustle and to prove your value.

Leaders in 2019 will strive to be thought leaders and give me the voice of their sector, industry or area of expertise.

Leaders in 2019 who have not been through economic downturns we’ll need to understand and start working on tightening budgets, expenses and push hard to obtain roi. The grace. Is over, why the DraStic recession might not be in the near future the economy is changing.

In the end I believe the most important thing for 2019 and leadership is that leaders need to both be both physically and mentally strong. Leaders are going to be called upon to take a stance for what they believe in, for what they know is right, and most importantly to put in more work than they ever have before.