Before you continue reading this information, please note that I appreciate there was an expectation of accountability on my end. I have no excuses for not checking my usage. I suddenly in life needed to utilize airtime on my cell phone and forgot that I had adjusted my plan previously for budget reasons to decrease my available minutes. I have proceeded with paying the bill, however, I feel that as a customer of Koodo for over 10 years this could be a representation of the poorest customer service I have seen in my life. 

The following information is factual, and my opinion. I am not liable in regards to how you perceive it.

What I feel this really exposes, is just how non-transparent Koodo Mobile is AND the fact that a $3 plan upgrade would have prevented $500 in airtime minutes. If that’s the case, how much could those $500 worth of air time minutes really be costing Koodo in infrastructure knowing they would be eliminated for only a $3 increase to my plan.

Previous to January 2019 I utilized very minimal air time minutes on my cell phone. I suddenly became dependent on it in the matter of a few days and didn’t realize just how much I was going over my minutes. Because I’ve been a Koodo customer for a decade I assumed my plan still had unlimited airtime minutes (especially on evenings and weekends).

I signed in to my account to pay my monthly bill and noticed that I had well over $500 in air time charges. All of the charges were from airtime overages.

I immediately called Koodo, and after quite some time a “Manager” said that they would be willing to decrease the bill by 50%.  I asked the person on the other end of the phone if they felt like that was fair, and I asked her if truthfully, that was the best she could do. She replied yes (very quietly). I didn’t want to take out any more of my frustration on her as I know it wasn’t her fault so I hung up the phone.

I then followed up in writing via Koodo’s website asking them if they felt it was appropriate a customer for 10 years should be treated this way and if it was fair that a $3 increase to my plan would have avoided over $500 in overages.

They never responded.

I reached out to Koodo on social and the support representative there stated that it had already been escalated so they wouldn’t be willing to look at it again. They did, however, send me a link to schedule another call with customer service.

What are my options?

Koodo is obviously making a lot of margin on airtime overages if they can afford to eliminate over $500 dollars in fees with a simple $3 plan upgrade.

What’s more so concerning to me, as someone who has now invested more than $12,000 into the company (phone bill x 12 months x 10 years) is that they simply were not interested in helping me.