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Boosting Posts on Facebook is Great, but its pointless if you aren't following through...
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Boosting Posts on Facebook might get you some awareness, but it’s pointless if you aren’t ensuring a few critical things are done.


If you manage a Facebook Business page, you most likely have seen the BOOST POST button that Facebook loves to put in front of you to try and earn some ad revenue.

facebook boost post button

While I always encourage business owners to sign up at http://business.facebook.com and utilize their ad platform rather than boosting posts from the front end (the data and targeting is so much more tactical and valuable on the ad platform), if you are going to boost posts here’s a few things that you should make sure are implemented.

  1. Make sure the post you are boosting has a url to your website in it. If you are going to put a post in front of a few thousand people, you should give them a strong call to action outside of Facebook.
  2. That being said, you should 100% make sure that you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website. The Facebook pixel will track anyone who clicks through to your website and then provide you with a ton of targeting opportunities down the road. For example, you could create a look-a-like audience of everyone who visited your site. If you aren’t familiar with look-a-like audiences, you can basically tell Facebook to go out and find similar people tho those people who interacted with your business. It is incredibly valuable when it comes to finding the right audience and putting your content in front of them.
  3. Make sure the content has a video or image in it. Text won’t always win! An image is more compelling







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