So many times in a corporate or business environment we hear the phrase “everyone is replaceable” or “don’t act like everyone isn’t replaceable”.


The truth is, that this term is often used to talk about a business’ bottom line. And you know what? They are right, you shouldn’t walk around like you aren’t replaceable. Because even if it impacts a company negatively for a short period of time, removing a toxic person from a team can immediately creative positive results elsewhere. Especially if the team is being impacted directly by this negative person.

Here’s what I’ve learned in my 16-year career so far both in entrepreneurship and in the corporate environment. Your SKILLS are replaceable you as a human being are not. So the question is, when you eventually are replaced (either by force or by choice) how do you want to leave the company or environment you are working for/in?

When I talk about the fact that you as a human being are not replaceable, what that means is that at your core, who you are and the value or disservice you bring to your company is not replaceable. For both positive and negative reasons.

If a toxic person is extremely skilled but creates ongoing drama that impacts the working environment, they are not replaceable as a human being, but maybe that’s a good thing for the company. And looking at the flip side of the coin, if someone is relatively skilled and has a great work ethic or personality, them leaving the team could cause drastic impact.

Your goal should be to leave the team you are currently in wishing you were still there.

How you interpret that or perceive that is up to you, but that’s generally worked for me. Leaving a team missing you in both skill and personality will lead to future opportunities.