How to Automatically Post WordPress Posts on Instagram

Wordpress to Instagram Automation
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Automatically Post your WordPress Posts on Instagram


If you are like me, you want to automate everything! And even though custom content and copywriting is ideal for social media, sometimes it’s just not feasible. I usually recommend that small businesses focus on one or two social platforms and simply automate or “duplicate” their posts onto the others. For example, if you are running a Hair Salon, I’d tell you to probably use Instagram and Facebook, and then duplicate that content on LinkedIN and Twitter for the time being to limit the amount of resources in your social media strategy. However, if you are working on a blog strategy on your wordpress website, you may want to automatically post those. Posting to Facebook isn’t an issue, there are plugins that will do that quite easily but getting the posts on to instagram can be challenging.

Luckily, there are a couple of completely free platforms out there that will help you with this process.

How to automatically post your wordpress posts on instagram

  1. First you will need to set yourself up on your computer so that you are logged in and the process will be as simple as possible. In your browser (I recommend Chrome) open up a tab, go to and sign in to your instagram profile.
  2. Next you will need to sign up for a free BUFFER ( account and make sure that is signed in as well (it will require an email verification).
  3. Then sign up for a free zapier account and sign in (
  4. Lastly in another tab sign into your wordperss website as an administrator.


These are the two tools you will be using:

  1. Buffer
    Buffer is similar to hootsuite, and has been around for quite as long. It’s a social media scheduling tool and I’ve found its best for this automation.
  2. Zapier
    Zapier is a tool that basically connects applications together using their readily available APIs. You don’t need to know how to program to use it. 


Setting up WordPress to Instagram automation

Login in to Buffer and connect buffer to your instagram account.

Login to Zapier and choose “WordPress” for “Connect this app” and “Buffer” for “With this one” (see process below).
This will prompt you to login to Zapier and connect zapier to your instagram account AND your buffer account.

Follow these steps in Zapier:

instagram and wordpress automation

Click on “use this zap”


wordpress to instagram automation 3

Click on the drop downs and connect your accounts.  This will open up new windows and ask you to sign in to Buffer & Your WordPress website to authenticate. You only have to do this once!

Click on “Turn on Zap”

and you’re done!


There are additional and advanced settings you can play with to setup a post template, add copy with variables and of course select the image, but its pretty straight forward.




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