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Digital Marketing Has Changed, Digital Lead Generation Won’t Work On It’s Own

A traditional sales system is so much more critical


I was recently working on a project for a client we are providing some services for and I was focused on communicating just how important it is to get quality leads into your sales system. 

I wrote specifically;

While it is important to drive conversions (purchases) for your products on the website, it is equally as important to capture as much information as possible about potential future customers. Lead nurturing is a valuable process for any sales cycle.

It’s an interesting concept to think that there is still a manual requirement to sales. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s the focus in our industry was to drive conversions, but now that consumers (whether it’s business to business or business to consumer) have so many options and the ability to research your company so quickly a traditional sales system is so much more critical.

Let’s look at a use case, because I appreciate data and real-life examples. Let’s stay away from the fluff.

Betty, a 35-year-old single mother is looking for a new stroller for her 6-month-old baby. She posts on Facebook asking for recommendations from her friends, and she comes out of it with 2 stroller makers that appear to be ideal. She visits both of the stroller websites (maybe even clicked on an Advertisement as she was retargeted through searching) and one of the sites has a lead gen form that says “have a question about our strollers? ask us now!”. She fills out the form asking if the stroller is suitable for running with and how long the manufacturer’s warranty is. The other website has no lead gen form and wants the person to call if they have questions.  Betty is responded to within 12 hours with the answers to her questions AND sent an incredible video showing a mother running with the stroller along the sea wall in Vancouver (her home town). AND, to sweeten the deal, even more, they give her a coupon code for free delivery if she purchases today.

Now, I’m not saying that standard digital advertising could not have persuaded Betty to buy that stroller, but the human connection and customer service in this case obviously won. 

Mark Griffin wrote a brilliant piece on LInkedIN titled “Why Human Connection Matters in business – 7 reasons I’m excited about” which is a great read on just how important Human Connection is. Google it if you are interested in reading further.

So much of our efforts are focused on traditional-digital advertising to drive conversions and leads, and in most cases, it works. But if your sales cycle involves things people are incredibly passionate about you need to find a way to create a human connection between you and your prospective customers. It’s not a theory, it’s been proven since the concept of sales was created.

Customers and potential customers you speak with now on digital platforms can lead to sales and referrals down the road. Every interaction matters and the psychology of sales will not change, it will just get more difficult to navigate as consumers become enlightened and empowered to obtain knowledge easily.





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